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Spirit Week 2015

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Spirit Week: May 24-31

50 days after Easter, with a mighty rush of wind God poured out His Holy Spirit on the disciples as they were gathered in Jerusalem. The Spirit empowered them to proclaim the Good News

pentecostpastor_11545cof Jesus to all people.  You can read the whole story of Pentecost in the book of Acts, chapter 2.

Spirit Week is an invitation to focus on the work of the Holy Spirit in our world today.  Throughout the week are suggestions, reflections, and reminders that the Holy Spirit works through each of us and sometimes in ways we don’t even understand.

Have fun and may the Spirit fill you with joy this week!

Pentecost Sunday:  Wear red to worship or wherever you may be.

Monday:  Light a candle and pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in the world.

Tuesday:  Thank someone for their work or who has been a faith mentor to you.

Wednesday:  Greet people using a foreign language.

Thursday:  Wear red to work or school day

Friday:  Mis-matched socks day – A reminder that we don’t always understand how the Holy Spirit works

Saturday:  Volunteer or share a gift – Go out into your community and feel the wind on your face as you serve others.

Sunday:  Attend worship giving thanks and praise to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit on this Holy Trinity Sunday.

Additional Activities:

Reflection – How is the Holy Spirit working in and through you?


Invite someone over for a meal and say a prayer before you eat together.  The simple act of prayer will open the door for the Holy Spirit to work.  Samples of prayers may be found here.

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Vacation Bible School: July 6-10 & 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.10.51 PMVacation Bible School:

July 6-10 & 12, 2015

Excitement is mounting for another great VBS!  All children age three (by January 15, 2015, and potty trained) to those entering sixth grade in the fall are welcome!  We will explore the “Calling of the Disciples” and how we too are called to be Jesus’ helpers.

This intergenerational week of learning is so much fun!  Many volunteers are needed —  both adults as well as students entering seventh grade on up.   The registration fee is waived for our volunteers and staff child care is provided.

Registration forms are available in the Gathering Space, the Church Office, and online.  No information is stored using the online form.  After you fill it out, please print it and mail or return it to the church office.  Children should be registered for the class or grade they will enter in the fall.

For more information or to volunteer, stop by the information table in the Gathering Space, call the church office at 360-357-3386, or email Beth Tobin, Children’s Ministry Director at Gloria Dei.

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