Blind & Low Vision Awareness

The following YouTube links explore various aspects of visual impairment or blindness, aids and tools people can use, learning Braille, and amazing accomplishments of people who experience blindness or visual impairment.  

As you explore, what surprises you the most?  What is most interesting?  What questions to you have?
Please note that with each link advertising will appear.  Advertising is out of our control and we suggest supervision for young viewers.

Open the Eyes of My Heart by Duffley

Kids Learning to Read Braille.

Finding Braille Room Signs

How Blind People Travel

Lost Sight or Born Blind

Christine Ha Chef Blind Taste Test

Christine Ha Wins Master Chef Interview

Christine Ha Wins Master Chef  Season 3

Things You Shouldn’t Say or Do to a Visually Impaired Person

Myths About Blindness

How Blind People Use a  White Cane

Sculpting Blind

High Tech Braille Reader

Blind Children’s Learning Center

Learning Braille with Jessica and Isabella

Braille 101

10 Things About Sight that Amaze Me

Answering Guide Dog Questions

How Puppies Learn to be Guide Dogs