Devotions During Lent

A Lenten Journey with Flowers

This year we’d like to invite you on a Lenten journey that’s full of flowers. Just at the time of year when things seem most barren and flowerless, we hope you’ll join us in considering the lilies, as Jesus asked us to do. And not just the lilies, but the tulips, the forget-me-nots, the snowdrops, the weeds, and the corpse flower too, to see what they might have to teach us about life and death and resurrection on Easter morning. Click Here to Download Them!
Print up these sheets and cut them into cards. Set aside five minutes each day — over a meal, perhaps — for your family to read and discuss one of that week’s cards. Some of them also include an activity or practice to try. And the Sundays of Lent, along with the High Holidays (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday) contain a brief scripture passage, reflection, and prayer to share together. 
These cards are beautiful!  We hope you enjoy this practice this Lent.