This should be the last lab in this series of investigations.  If you’re new to the series, you should contact Jim to get links to the previous three as the entire point of the series is to examine the impact (through log file analysis) of making page announcements through free commercial service providers, and any other linking or sharing would make the analysis less rigorous.


In any case, this lab is being announced from a free commercial service that does not fund it’s offering through advertising and “processing” your email to better enhance your experience.

The hypothesis these labs are testing is that certain free commercial services will process the links embedded in user emails and come visit these lab pages.  Since these pages are not linked to on any other page, the normal process they use to discover new web pages will not be a factor. The only way the outside world has been able to learn about these four lab pages is through “leakage” of the links sent as content of email messages.

So let’s do a little more content-richening to make this page more exciting:

Some content that is indented looks like this.

Further indentation adds this.

And trinities are holy, so…

Wasn’t that fun?  What did our style sheets do to it?

Not everyone will agree that this is universally true,

but most Westerners prefer text that flows

from a justified left edge to an unjustified

right edge.  How about you?





There are times when tabular text can have a beneficial impact

on the visual appeal of a web page.

Is this one of them?

I wonder.

I’m wearing out my patience on this, so I’ll close this lab and experiment by posting this page and then sending the announcement.

See you in the Log File Analysis room!