Welcome to My Second Lab!

Like the first lab,  this one will also be examining the impact on our log files of pages being only announced to the world via emails using free commercial services.  For this test we’ll be announcing from the email address of a free commercial service to my church address.

And like the earlier test, we’ll add some beefy content this page with some tables and pictures and such.

Some questions we are looking to answer:

  • Do the log files show these pages being accessed?
  • Is the referrer for those accesses a service internal to the free commercial service?
  • Are other free commercial services now visiting these pages?


www.JimTobin.photography-2015-11-29-104-DSC_3914 www.JimTobin.photography-2015-11-29-104-DSC_3955 www.JimTobin.photography-2015-11-29-104-DSC_3982
www.JimTobin.photography-2015-11-29-104-DSC_3930 www.JimTobin.photography-2015-11-29-104-DSC_3953 ECE-Teddy-Bear-Pancake-banana-eyes


That wraps up this lab.  Look forward to two more similar labs looking at using a free commercial service whose business model does not involve advertising revenue through email content harvesting.

Thanks for stopping by!