“Lent is the church season of getting ready for the great mystery of Easter. During this reflective time, we focus on turning our lives more fully toward God. We may fast from things that disconnect us from God and one another or we might take on new practices of living more like Christ. Historically this 6-week period was a time to prepare for baptism on Easter.

Faith is a lifelong journey. Each year during Lent we gain new insight and understanding as we practice our faith and tune our hearts to God. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection shape our lives with God both now and forevermore.
“During Lent you will notice that the church color has changed to purple. Worship includes special songs, prayers and Bible stories about Jesus’s last weeks. At home, place a purple cloth somewhere visible to remind you of the season. Choose a special practice—prayers, dinner conversations, or special giving. Many ideas are shared below.  May Lent be a time of reorienting our lives toward what matters while opening up to renewal and an abundance of life in preparation for the joy and wonder of Easter.”  – Christine V. Hides

You, me, our world —  we are all craving community and connection.  As we journey together through a second Covid Lent, we are ever so mindful that being isolated, alone, or social distanced has taken its toll on each of us and we long to be together.  You are in our prayers.  Our community is in our prayers.  Our country and our world are in our prayers.  We cry out to God, and we trust in God’s promises that our prayers are heard.
We are so glad that you are here and hope that you will find connection through one or more of the many  Lenten practices, activities, and rituals below.  May they strengthen and draw you in to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Please contact the church office with any questions or for more information.  
All are invited to be in community together.
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
1515 Harrison Ave NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Worship & Wednesdays in Lent 

February 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24

Two opportunities on Wednesdays:

Open Sanctuary – Noon—1:30pm  
The sanctuary will be open each Wednesday in Lent for people to pray, listen to music and reflect during this sacred Lenten season. Pastor Doug will be at the altar available for individual prayer during this time.  

Livestream Prayer with Pastor Doug – 6:30pm

Lenten Devotions

Check out our page of Lenten Devotions for Adults, Children, & Youth!

Hide the Alleluia

Alleluia means God be praised! and is an expression of rejoicing.  Lent is a time of preparing our hearts and minds for the celebration of Easter.  We intentionally don’t use the word alleluia during the season of Lent in part to help the celebration of Easter be all the more special!  
Where will you bury the alleluia?  Print out a copy (PDF), color it if you wish, and then bury it!  Take a photo so you remember where you buried it, and send it to Deacon Beth or Deacon Justin!  We’d love to see what you are up to!  Have fun!

A Lenten Journey (PDF)

Prayer practices, rituals, & activities for faith formation.

Lenten Soup Suppers from Home

We might not be able to eat in the same space, but we can still share in community by enjoying soup together at home!  Thank you to the Gloria Dei families who have shared favorite soup recipes and show you their technique for a warm meal that will sooth your soul, smell sooooo good — and taste amazing!

Soup Supper Offering

This year’s Soup Supper Offering is going to support Olympia’s Pizza Klatch.  Especially during this time of Covid, we wanted to contribute to an organization that supports the mental health of youth.  Pizza Klatch helps LGTBQ+ youth in Thurston County, with 300-400 youth attending Pizza Klatch groups each week for support from their peers and trained facilitators.  More information about Pizza Klatch may be found at https://pizzaklatch.org.  Thanks for your great support!