VBS Snack & Potluck Videos

Snacks at VBS are always a hit!  Since we can’t meet in person this year we asked the question, “What are your favorite snacks to fix at home?”  Check out the snack videos below and try them out at home!  So fun!!  And tasty!!  Thanks for the great videos everyone!!

Do you have a favorite snack you’d like to share?  Contact Deacon Beth Tobin for more details.  

Have a great day and let your light shine!

VBS Virtual Potluck

In trying to think of a way that we could build a sense of community even while we are physical distancing, I thought about how food has always brought people together.  While we can’t meet in person, we can share potluck ideas and recipes together.  What is one of your go-to dishes to bring to potluck or to feed a crowd?  

As you check out the great videos and recipes below be inspired and reminded that we are a community together, even while we are apart.  You are an important part of this community and we hope this feeds your soul.  When the time is right, we will be together in person again, and what a great celebration that will be!   Thank you to everyone who has submitted these great videos and recipes!  What a feast!

Do you have a video recipe you’d like to share?  What would you bring to a potluck?  Contact Deacon Beth Tobin for details.

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and let these gifts to us be blessed.  Amen.  

Be present at our table, Lord; Be here and everywhere adored; These mercies bless, and grant that we May strengthened for thy service be.  Amen. 

Bon Appétit!