VBS Week ONE: Mark 10:46-52

Week ONE Response Options PDF

Bible Man Episode 1:  Watch Now!

Puppet Show by Alaina Houser and the Houser Family

Reflection Section

Choose a set of questions for deeper reflection.  You could think about it on a walk, journal about it, or talk to a friend.  Just be sure to give the questions a few minutes of your undivided attention.

1. One of the ways Bartimaeus experiences healing is by being able to see. Whenever we read a story about blindness in the Bible, we have to remember that blindness is also a “metaphor”, a “sign” or code for something else as well. Blindness is not always just physical. What can people be “blind to”? (Blind to others needs. Blind to God. Blind to their own sins.)

2. When we pay attention to God, when we keep asking God for help, then we will be able to “see” things differently than we did before. Scripture, prayer, worship, Sunday School, guides, -these are all things which help us “see” truth, see needs, see sin, see solutions, see ourselves as God sees us. How does God see us? How does God see you?

3. Jesus asks Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?”  Bartimaeus answers, “Teacher, I want to see again!” Now imagine Jesus is asking you, now, this question of, “What do you want me to do for you?” How would you answer?

Imagination Station

Option One:  Draw a picture of people together as part of a community.   What connects everyone together? Who all is included in your community?

Option Two:  Make Decoder Glasses and think about how Scripture can help us to see things more clearly.



Video Directions!

Option Three:  Make puppets to use to retell the Bible story. Set up a time to share the story with someone else.


Puppet Pattern 1

Puppet Pattern 2

Outdoor Adventure

Option One:  Take turns going on a blind walk. Wear a blind fold and have someone guide you on a walk through your neighborhood. How were your other senses responding to you not being able to see? What did you notice?  How did you feel? What was challenging or easy? Did anything surprise you?

Option Two:  Play the Rock, Paper, Scissors Identity Game. Directions

Kitchen Connection

Option One:  Check out the snack videos and recipes online. Try one out.Snack & Potluck Videos

Option Two:  Do a blind taste test. Have someone gather three secret foods.  Blindfold participants. See if you can guess what you are eating. 

Mission Moment

Option One:  Watch some of the YouTube videos found on our website to learn more about how blind and visually impaired people navigate in our world. Blind & Low Vision Awareness Videos

Option Two:  Make a Pool of Siloam. It’s interesting that people throw coins in pools and fountains and make a wish. The Pool of Siloam is the healing pool Jesus refers to in John 9. Maybe you could use a bowl? Throw coins in throughout our time of VBS to support SideWalk, an organization in downtown Olympia. Learn about SideWalk here.

Here are Photos of the Pool of Siloam!