VBS Week THREE: John 9

Week THREE Response Options PDF

Reflection Section

Choose a set of questions for deeper reflection. You could think about it on a walk, journal about it, or talk to a friend. Just be sure to give the questions a few minutes of your undivided attention.

1. What are some meanings for the word “to see”? Think of a time when you have seen something differently than someone else. How does Jesus help you to see things differently? More clearly? What did the Pharisees in this story miss seeing? How is your spiritual vision?

2. The Jews in this community who believed in Jesus had been excluded from the temple. The parents of the man born blind feared being excluded as well. Who might feel excluded from our Gloria Dei community? What are ways we can be even more inclusive of others?

3. In light of COVID-19 and systemic racism, how might you see the world differently now than you did before?

4. What truth about God have we failed to see because it does not fit with the way we want to see the world? 

Imagination Station

Option One:  Using only water and a brush, paint a water picture of joy, and having fun! Water paint on a fence, the side of a house, your porch, patio, or on a sidewalk. If you have watercolor paints, use paper.  :)

Option Two:  “Seeing Jesus Between the Lines” Project: Use the leather string to frame the letters for “Jesus” on your wooden board. Can you “see Jesus” between the lines?

Seeing Jesus Between the Lines Directions PDF

Seeing Jesus Between the Lines Video!

Outdoor Adventure

Option One:  Look with fresh eyes while you walk or drive around town. Are there things you notice or see differently now? What might you have been blind to in the past?

Option Two:  Find or create a mud puddle and make mud pies!  

Option Three:  Find some water to splash in! (Pool, Sound, Lake, Ocean, Tub – Be safe!) Remember your baptism and how you are forgiven and washed clean on the inside. God loves you!! Share that love and joy with others!

Kitchen Connection

Option One:  Check out the snack videos and recipes online. Try one out. VBS Snack & Potluck Videos

Option Two:  Make “Dirt!” Enjoy! “Dirt” Recipe

Option Three:  Pray S’Mores Prayers  S’Mores Prayer

Mission Moment

Option One:  Watch some of the YouTube videos found on our website to learn more about how blind and visually impaired people navigate in our world. Blind & Low Vision Awareness  

Option Two:  Add coins to your “Pool of Siloam.” In what ways does SideWalk see people who might not be seen? Check out some pictures of Pastor Doug visiting the Pool of Siloam in Israel!

Option Three:  Make a list of ways you can notice and help others in our community. Be mindful of ways you can welcome and include others when we can all be safely back at church together. It’s going to be tempting to just hang out with our friends! ❤️ Talk with your family about ways you can let your light shine for others to see!