VBS Week TWO: Mark 8:22-26

Week TWO Response Options PDF

Bible Man Episode 2: Watch Now!

Claymation by Bryn Kunkel

Reflection Section Questions

Choose a set of questions for deeper reflection. You could think about it on a walk, journal about it, or talk to a friend. Just be sure to give the questions a few minutes of your undivided attention.

1. In this healing story, it is the blind man’s friends who cry out to Jesus and beg Jesus for healing for their friend. Who or what do you pray to God for? Consider keeping a prayer journal and note how God answers your prayers.

2. Touch is mentioned five times in this short passage. Think of a time you experienced or offered a healing touch? (a cool hand on a warm forehead, a hug, medical intervention, a cool sip of water, holding someone’s hand, words of forgiveness) How did it make you feel?  

3. Look at our world through God’s eyes.  Who do you see in need?  Where does our world need help?  Where do you see that we need help?  How can you use your eyes to help others see the world as God sees it?  Ask for God’s help and guidance for healing.

Imagination Station

Option One:  Draw a picture or use play dough or clay to show friends helping each other.  Draw or write about a time you have helped someone.

Play Dough Prayers, and Directions on How to Make It PDF

How to Make Play Dough Video!

Option Two:  Make a God’s Eye, or Two or Three! 

God’s Eye Directions

Video Directions!

Option Three:  Find a quiet spot and listen to PLU’s recording of a “A Healing for the Nations” as you envision a world at peace. Listen Here as the Tribes of Washington and all the Nations of the world are sung. If you like to draw or paint what images come to mind while you are listening?

Outdoor Adventure

Option One:  Go for a walk in the forest or through the trees. Breathe in the oxygenated air they give off. Try and guess  how old the trees are. Feel the bark or give thanks to God for your eyes that let you tell the difference between trees and people! And give God thanks for trees!

Option Two:  Pray Beach Ball Prayers

Kitchen Connection

Option One:  Bake sugar cookies or muffins or cupcakes. Use your Braille card to help decorate the tops with M&Ms to form Braille letters for words or names of people in your family. How would you write, “God loves you!” Who might you share this special treat with? Braille Games

Option Two:  Check out the snack & potluck videos and recipes online. Try one out.

Mission Moment

Option One:  Watch some of the YouTube videos found on our website to learn more about how blind and visually impaired people navigate in our world. Blind & Low Vision Awareness Videos

Option Two:  Add coins to your “Pool of Siloam” throughout our time of VBS to help support SideWalk. SideWalk’s Rapid Rehousing program helps people experiencing homelessness to quickly move off the streets and into homes. Learn about SideWalk here.

Option Three:  Learn more about Braille and try out the various Braille learning options. Braille Games