Ways to Connect to Gloria Dei:

Due to the current worldwide pandemic, our building is closed.  However, the following opportunities are available online.

Virtual Holy Eucharist Preparation

How to participate in Holy Communion at home:

  (don’t worry, it’s not too complicated 😊)
In partnership with many area congregations, and with approval from Bishop Jaech, we will be sharing in communion in some of our worship services. We invite you to join us at home. Give us your feedback and insights about how it went for you. Here’s how to prep:
Simply gather the elements:   Bread (this can be any type…you could even bake your own!)  Place on a plate. Wine or Grape Juice. (either individual cups or common cup)
Place them on the table: Be creative. Make this home-altar an expression of you.
Be assured: Christ is present always.  Even if you only have one element, it is still communion.
Words to say:  After the words of institution have been said by either Pastor Doug or Molly, share in communion at home.
Body of Christ, given for you.
The Blood of Christ, shed for you.
“May the peace of the Lord be with you always!”