Grief Care

When someone you love dies, you are bereaved – a term that literally means “to be torn apart.” And you begin a grief journey. Grief affects every aspect of our lives….emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual. There’s no manual, no simple guidelines, and no timeline for reconciling the loss. Yet society tells us to buck up, keep a stiff upper chin, don’t cry, move on. After a funeral or memorial service, many people no longer offer supportive words or actions; mourners are expected to get back their usual life. Which is, of course, unrealistic! The GriefCare Team at Gloria Dei Lutheran supports people during their grief journey through compassionate listening, education and support group options. 

Our Team 

Each of our team members has received training and each has experienced the loss of a close loved one. Grief Support Groups are offered 2 – 3 times each year. Each series is 10 weeks long and uses Understanding Your Grief book and journal by Alan Wolfelt. Contact the GriefCare Team at for details on the next series. All services are provided at no cost.

Gloria Dei GriefCare Team Members (L to R):
Karen Barale, Susan Veis, and Diane Coulter

Karen Barale is the Team leader.  Karen provides training and facilitates grief support groups (online and in-person groups). She completed 150 hours of training and received a Certificate in Grief and Death Studies from the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado.  

Diane Coulter manages our Card Ministry. She keeps our team in touch with families who have lost loved ones by remembering birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and the first anniversary of a death, offering reminders that the team is always available, regardless of how long it has been since the loss.

Susan Veis works one-on-one with members who are mourning. She is available to listen and to support you as you cope with the loss of a loved one.  

Contact the GriefCare Team at