Children’s Musical

The Children’s Musical is one of many highlights of our ministries for children at Gloria Dei. This year 35 cast members, ranging in age from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, shared stories of the Old Testament with the congregation, family and friends. “The Old Testament Fast Forward” was presented in worship on March 10th, and can viewed via our Facebook Page: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Olympia.

The Old Testament is a library of books — law, history, poetry, wisdom, and prophecy — written in two languages by dozens of inspired authors.  Viewed through Christian eyes, the story it tells begins with creation and moves through human sin and God’s great plan of redemption — a plan that included nearly 2,000 years of preparing the Hebrew people for a coming savior.   

The benefits of doing a musical have been a special and unique experience for our children for the last 10+ years.  While the children learn the Bible stories inside and out, they develop strong bonds of friendship, community, and support across all ages. And perhaps more importantly they feel empowered as worship leaders to share the word of God.  Some cast members will even sing you a song from every church musical they have been in if you ask!  

Your support of the General Fund helps to offset the cost of programs such as the Children’s Musical. For more information about our musicals, past and present, please contact Deacon Beth Tobin at