Children’s Musical

Musical rehearsals are well underway with a fantastic cast and crew!  We are excited to present the stories of God’s love and faithfulness to us throughout the Old Testament in worship on Sunday, March 10, during both 9:00 and 11:00 services.  

The Old Testament is really a library of books — law, history, poetry, wisdom, and prophecy — written in two languages by dozens of inspired authors.  Viewed through Christian eyes, the story it tells begins with creation and moves through human sin and God’s great plan of redemption — a plan that included nearly 2,000 years of preparing the Hebrew people for a coming savior.   

The benefits of doing a musical are huge.   Children learn these Bible stories inside and out, strong bonds of friendship, community, and support are formed across all ages, they have a ton of fun and love church, they pray for you with gratitude and compassion – the members and friends of our congregation, and they feel empowered as worship leaders to share the word of God.  Some cast members will even sing you a song from every church musical they have been in if you ask!  We hope you will join us for worship on March 10, for this year’s presentation of, “The Old Testament Fast Forward.” 

Thank you for your wonderful support of Children’s Ministry at Gloria Dei.  For more information, please contact Deacon Beth Tobin at