Visitation Ministry

Gloria Dei’s Visitation Ministry team is composed of trained lay-ministers who accompany people during life’s challenges, listen to their spiritual needs, and demonstrate God’s love ensuring feelings of connection and remembrance. The Call to Visitation Ministry The Visitation Team is composed of called, trained, vetted, and supervised lay ministers who offer the…

Grief Care

When someone you love dies, you are bereaved – a term that literally means “to be torn apart.” And you begin a grief journey. Grief affects every aspect of our lives….emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual. There’s no manual, no simple guidelines, and no timeline for reconciling the loss. Yet society tells us to buck up, keep a stiff upper chin, don’t cry,…

Transition Team

The Gloria Dei Transition Team has been hard at work creating a Ministry Site Profile (MSP) as part of the process to call a Pastor. The “Final Draft” MSP and detailed MSP Supplemental are available to read or download below. (Click the Cover Image of the Supplemental to open the full document) Readers, Confidential information has not been included in this…
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