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Adult Forum, Sunday 10:10am, Fireside Room: 

February Forums!

All are welcome on Sunday mornings at 10:10am for February Forums in the Fireside Room! 

February 4:  Redefining Grief in Our Daily Lives

When we think of grief, it’s almost always after a death. But grief is not only about death: it is part of our everyday lives. We are all grieving something. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, pet, a job, a relationship, these life changes result in grief. How do we process and adjust to loss? All too often then, people simply wait for fire. Things to get back to normal, for the loss to be resolved. However, that rarely happens. There are tools to support us and ways we can support each other. To reconcile loss, we must change our way of thinking about loss and grief. Led by Karen Barale, the Director of Grief Ministries at Gloria Dei.  

February 11: Burning of the Palms!

Have you ever wondered where the ashes for Ash Wednesday come from?  They come from the burning of the palms from Palm Sunday, traditionally done on Transfiguration Sunday.  Join us outside for a true “fireside” as we burn palms and talk about how Jesus is transformed in our lives.  If the weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor conversation, we’ll convene back to the Fireside Room. 

February 18:  Fireside Chat with Church Council

It’s President’s Day weekend, so what better time for a Fireside Chat?  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join your Church Council for conversation around hopes, dreams, and visions for ministry and mission at Gloria Dei.  

February 25: Fireside Chat with Buildings and Grounds

Continuing the fire theme of the previous two weeks, join the members of our amazing Buildings and Ground team for conversation around the building.  We’ll celebrate how it serves us well and talk about some of the needs that might lie ahead.  Do you have a “burning” question about the building?  Bring it with your coffee to this conversation around the