Our Memorial Garden and Columbarium at Gloria Dei provides a final resting place in the journey of life everlasting. Here families can entrust those they love to the presence and love of God: “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever”. For the living, it serves as sanctuary for remembrance, contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

Completed in 2018, the columbarium itself is a freestanding brick, marble, and copper structure located in our central courtyard which contains a group of small compartments (niches) specifically designed to hold the cremated remains (cremains) of our loved ones.  All urns are placed inside the niches, then sealed with a cover plate. These face plates are engraved with the person’s name and dates.

Internment at Gloria Dei is an easy way to pre-plan and relieve the surviving family of difficult decisions. It is theologically and economically sound, and environmentally friendly.

Internment niches may be purchased in advance, or for a loved one at the time of death. For more information or reservation forms, please contact the church office for additional information.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Who may purchase a Columbarium niche? The columbarium to the public at large and is not limited to Gloria Dei Members. All are welcome.

2) How much does a niche cost? Contact the church office for purchase information.

3) Are there additional costs once a niche is purchased? No. Please note that the cost of cremation and the urn to be placed in the niche are not included with the purchase of a niche. These should be facilitated with an outside provider.  

4) Can I move already cremated remains to the Gloria Dei Columbarium from another location? Yes.

5) Will I own the niche? The niche belongs to the Columbarium, but a binding contract exists for Gloria Dei to maintain the niche in perpetuity.

6) Who manages and maintains the niche? The church maintains the columbarium via the Columbarium Committee which is defined in the church constitution.

7) Does the purchase price include the engraved nameplate? Yes. Note that there are defined rules as to what is allowed to be engraved on the nameplate.

8) May I choose a particular niche? The buyer may choose any unsold niche.