Sunday School

Sunday School:

Passing the mantle faith from one generation to the next is so important.  From the time a child is born we help to nurture a sense of God’s love and of belonging.  Parents are supported as they raise their children and as they continue their own spiritual journey. 

  • Sunday School is from 10:00 – 10:55 a.m., September into June.  
  • Infants through Kindergarten meet in their same classroom space throughout the year.
  • Grades 1-5 meet in a variety of locations.  Please note the schedules posted. Grades 1-5 may be picked up in the Choir Room, upstairs at 10:55.
  • Grades 6-8 meet upstairs in The Sheep Pen, Room 217.  Students engage in deeper Bible learning and time for questions and fun all while being supported as they transition through middle school and junior high.
  • Grades 9-12 meet upstairs in the Youth Room.
  • The Adult Forum meets in the Fireside Room.
  • Grades 2-5 are encouraged to bring their Bibles to Sunday School. 
  • Sunday school offering is collected each week at Prayer Table time. Donations support a variety of ministries with input from the children.   
  • Children in Grades 1-5 have the opportunity to learn Key Bible Verses which may be found online or on the current rotation (Bible story) schedule.
  • Would you like to help?  Let’s find what works best for you.
  • Feedback, ideas, and questions are most welcome.   

Sunday School Registration:

If you are a returning family, please let us know of any changes or updates to your information.  If you are new to Gloria Dei, please fill out a Registration Form and return it to the main office.  

Paper forms are available at Gloria Dei, or click here for a PDF form to print and email or bring with you. New students and families are always welcome! Invite friends!

Early Childhood Education 

Little Lambs – Infants – 23 months    This fun class teaches basic faith concepts using hands on materials and songs.  Parents are welcome to stay with their child(ren) or participate in another class.  This class is a great way for families with children the same ages to meet each other.

Rainbows – for two year-olds.    Like a rainbow is a promise of God’s love, so too are our children!  Busy two-year olds explore stories of God’s love and promise through interactive learning and song.

Sunbeams – for three year-olds.         This age group is encouraged to learn through story and center time exploration.  Children study one story a month, interacting with the story in a different way each week.

Godly Play is for students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.          This Montessori style of Sunday school teaches many aspects of worship along with Bible stories.

Some stories for younger learners include:  Jesus Blesses the Children, Zacchaeus, Noah, Baby Jesus, The Good Shepherd, Easter, and Developing Spiritual Practices.

Grades 1-5:  

Students in these grades focus on learning one story every three to five weeks and interact with it in a different way each week through a variety of “Workshops” or classes.  This is called the Workshop Rotation Model of Sunday School.  Workshops vary with each story (rotation) and may include:  a movie and discussion, art, drama, cooking, computers, games, worship, science, or special project.  

Teachers repeat the same lesson each week of a rotation to a new group of students.  Leaders sign up for workshops that match their own skills or interests.   Shepherds stay with their assigned grade level class from week to week to provide continuity and support for learning.

We utilize a four year cycle of rotations developed to prepare students for entry into seventh grade Confirmation.  Bible skills along with Spiritual practices are woven into each rotation.

A rotation schedule and class materials are posted online and include Bible background information for parents and care givers. These Bible studies are highly recommended as a great way to become familiar with what we are studying.

Form more information please contact Deacon Beth Tobin.